Thank You


We would like to thank Diana Rowles and Blair Humphrey for their dedication to documenting years of events and displays from the Victoria Orchid Society.  This website is primarily a transfer of information that was created by them. 

 Bulbophyllum Wilmar Galaxy Star      Grown and Photographed by Leda Bower

Bulbophyllum Wilmar Galaxy Star      Grown and Photographed by Leda Bower

Thank you to those that have given us permission to use their photos on this site:  Diana Rowles, Sasha Kubicek, Leda Bower, Poul Hansen, Patrick Van Adrichem, Ingrid Ostrander, Joe Chow, and Melanie Norris.

Thank you to Diana Rowles, Ingrid Ostrander, Barb Davies, and Poul Hansen for contributing content to this site.

Thank you for the behind the scenes contributions: Rod Crutcher, Sasha Kubicek, Leda Bower, Astrid Firley-Eaton, Debb Ward, Bryan Emery, Coreen Kempling, Diana Rowles, John Taylor, Poul Hansen, Chris Bauer, Ingrid Ostrander, Roger Norris, and Amy Norris.

Thanks to Sean Rodman for your recommendation.

Thank you to all of the patient growers of the Victoria Orchid Society for nurturing your beautiful plants, attending meetings to share your successes, and exchanging your knowledge with other members!!